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Fantastic Massage Chair, Good Value, Good Results.

The massage chair has relieved of my family members’ pains and aches. At first we were very skeptical as we wanted to buy another “well known” brand but after seeing positive reviews online and hearing from some friends and colleagues, we decided to give Empire Massage Chair a try. Booked an appointment, went down the next day. Tried both the chairs and decided to go with the Pro version. Delivery was fast within 5 days and setup was done by the team - Simple and fast. Space-saving massage chair! Beautiful aesthetics too! To date have not regret purchasing Empire Massage Chair Pro.

What an Empire can give you ?

Was looking for a massage chair for a while and came across Empire Massage Chair. Read the reviews and knew instantly this is what I'm looking for. Without even going for a try I bought it straight away 😂. Got an Empire Pro and everyone in the family has not stopped using since it arrives especially my boys will use it after every gym sessions to relax. It's a good buy.

EMPIRE Massage Chair
Christina Loke
Worth every penny!

Got this for my mother and she greatly enjoyed the massages! Not only does it feels good, it looks good in your home too!

Superb and truly an Empire!

Awesome reflexology, rehab after a harsh day. A really excellent buy for an affordable massage chair. Exceptionally good with from top to toe massage rollers. Never regret. Definitely a must have for every home 👍🏼💯

Love the Empire Massage Chair

We bought this one after we searched online and got lost on where to start cause there were so many of them and it looked all the same. Finally, we decided Empire was the best option for us.
We love the massage chair as we feel recharged after using it. It energizes our body after being massaged by it.

Empire Pro Massage chair

Empire Pro Massage chair is amazing as it makes me feel like sitting on business class on flight whenever I sit/relax n massage on it.

Empire pro massage chair

Comfortable and easy to manage with touch screen so relaxing…

Suit family and personal needs

Let Empire massage chair relieve your stress through it smart technologies designed that fit everyone in the family. Achieve total relaxation of mind and body when you feel all of your stress melt away! And it affordable too.

Empire Massage Chair Pro

Great service, help to delivery during CNY as request and let my visitor to enjoy as well, great help on the explaining the system at the showroom try out.

Quality is very good in a good price as well, lucky to found this product

Solid Value for price quality

Gotten the massage chair delivered in less than 3 days during CNY period. Amazing . was a gift for birthday and the team delivered the request for us.

Quality of chair is good and design looks sleek . My parents loved it . thanks for creating this chair at such a good value

Very Satisfied Customer

Empire Massage Pro is very affordable, comprehensive features and very updated design. Our 3rd massage chair. My previous 2 were very much more expensive. My favourite features Zero Gravity and Thai massage to give very relax mood before going good sleep.

Premium Massage Pro Chairs, Only $1,999. Never seen any better deal for such many good features at this price.

My 1st massage chair cost me $3888. 2nd massage chair cost $8999 which happen spoiled 2 days before I saw your Facebook post. I booked appointment to come with my husband to try. We immediately paid $1999 full payment via credit card and got it delivered within 3 days. The delivery was on our 36th Wedding Anniversary Day. We really like this new Empire Massage Pro at Super value for money purchase

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Best Massage Ever !

It does it job with all the function, although being skeptical of the mode & pressure , I’m suprise by the roller pressure and most importantly I can enjoy with a soothing music !
I slept once I was on the machine , that’s how powerful this is , no regrets at all :)
It’s my daily go to machine ! Do invest in one of you have not !
Of yes, delivery was done within 3 days by a third party, they called to check availability too. Awesome !

Empire Pro

The Pro Verison of Empire Massage Chair have become a daily equipment that I need to use after work. It helps to ease the backache during work.

The awesome part is the chair will detect your body shape and the thai massage is just too 'Shiok'!

EMPIRE Massage Chair
Siti Shamsiah Aman
The King's New Throne

My dad received a wonderful surprise when he reached home from work to see the new Empire Massage Chair in his living room. It was a belated birthday gift for him. Now everytime he feels tired after a long hard day's work, he can have a personal masseuse to massage his aching body. I'm so glad that he's comfortable & relaxed till he fell asleep in it at times. When my King is happy, I'm happy too! Cheers to the King's new throne!

Petite yet POWERFUL

Recently purchased the EMPIRE PRO as tested the unit in the showroom.

Attracted by the price, capabilities, size and also the color which matches our existing sofa.

Despite its petite frame, the EMPIRE PRO packs a variety of massage options at a very affordable pricepoint.

We also like the size which is compact and does not take up too much space in the living, the color matches that of our existing sofa so it does look like a set.

Recommended 💪🏼

EMPIRE Massage Chair
Nam Yau Chia
EMPIRE Massage Chair for the whole family

The massage chair is easy to use. The control are user friendly and you can control every parts of your body to be massage. The performance is compatible with other branded brands but with a much affordable prices. My one is the $1399 model which I think is good enough for all my family. My kids and mother likes the chair very much. I have to use the massage chair every night before I go to bed. Thank you EMPIRE.

EMPIRE Massage Chair
Awesome product

Thanks to Empire dreams do come true finally able to own one at the comfort of my home

Awesome Stunning Massage Chair

Thanks to the Empire team for the Awesome Chair. I have to say, I am impressed about the functions and the aesthetic outlook which gives a business class feel. What’s more, it’s only from $1399 and one can enjoy it for the years to come. Will Recommend to my friends and family. 👍🏼

Why didn't we get our Massage Chair earlier??

My wife asked me for a massage chair for a New Year's present. I asked her to do some research and she decided on the Empire massage chair (Pro). After making our purchase, she uses the chair every day, and I think I use the chair even more often than her! We only have one question to ask.... "Why didn't we think about getting a massage chair earlier??" The Empire massage chair is awesome, works amazingly and is really value for money. Thank you for this wonderful product!

Empire Pro Review

As they say…a picture speaks a thousand words!

Rocking on Empire!

Loving every bits of the massage chair. Affordable price with all functions. Thanks Empire!! Finally after a tiring day of work i found a solution to destress! 🫰🏼🫰🏼❤️
Even my kids are loving it!!

EMPIRE PRO Massage Chair
David LimGeokChuan
An Sovereign King Owns An Empire Chair

It's wonderful to unwind,relaxes and rejuvenate ;after an good massages with an Empire's Chair

Empire Massage Chair Pro

Affordable price, premium quality & it’s compact size plus sleek features enable it to fit in the aesthetics of our home.
The vibrating, rolling, kneading, pressing & warming our tired muscles with it’s heat therapy after a day of work definitely the best way to unwind & end our day!

Empire Massage Chair Pro

Full body massage, very great price, comfortable, easy to use and only required a small space. Its really feel good while massaging especially when on the heat therapy plus listening to the music connected thru bluetooth. My whole family love it. Strongly recommended. Thanks Empire for the great massage chair.

Great Massage Chair With Space Saving Features

Great chair at a very reasonable and affordable price! Good quality with space-saving features. Perfect for houses with tight spaces!
No Regrets! Get yours now!