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Based on 155 reviews
My dream come true

My window shopping at Kinex Center turned ìnto buying an Empire Massage Chair for only S$2,00]0 inclusive of a 3 years warranty. I have been hunting around for the past years but usually
ended up with S$4,000. This time it Is just liķe my dream of owning a top end massage chair ĥad come true.


the massage chair is very comfortable and my children like it a lot. the Bluetooth speakers helps the user feel very relaxed.

Reliable & effective

The empire pro massage chair has been with for couple of weeks. It’s AI controller are really an intelligent & it effectively reduces my pain at the lower part of my neck & back shoulder.
I would recommend it to my relatives & friends.

My kids sit on it everyday 🤣

Happy wife happy life

Recently moved house so wife wanted a massage chair. We made an appt at Empire showroom & tried out the chair. Staff were capable & walk us through the benefits & functions.

We received the Empire pro a week later & wife is happy with its zero gravity & body AI scan. She even urged me to make appt 1st if I want to use the chair. :D

If a massage chair can bring joy to the family, then it is probably worth more than it should be.

Best Massage Chair with Heated Options

I love it!!! The design is so sleek, the price is affordable, and there are so many modes to choose including heated options! Empire Pro Chair is my go to place to relax and indulge. I feel revitalized after every massage as Empire Pro Chair take care of the knots. Now I don't have to keep booking appointments with a masseuse and can instead enjoy a free massage at home whenever I feel like it!

Excellent machine

The EMPIRE PRO Massage Chair is an excellent machine and really does what it supposes to do, take the massage experience to a completely new level, and all the magic happens right in the coziness of our living room, precise, completely adjustable, technologized, intense or mild, perfect for massaging the entire body after a full day at the office. The whole family are very happy with the chair and especially enjoy the spine stretching. Excellent massage.

Value for money massage chair

I have been wanting to get a massage chair for quite sometime. Due to the steep price for certain brands of massage chair, I had to put aside the idea of getting one. Along came EMPIRE MASSAGE CHAIR. With the affordable price , I went to the showroom at Kallang to test the massage chair. Not only myself , even the rest of my family members also fall in love after trying this sleak looking massage chair. I got myself the PRO version. Picture showing myself enjoying the massage😁
Worth the price with premium value. Highly recommended to those who are looking for a premium massage chair with affordable price.

Fluidity and smoothness of product knowledge explanation.

The guys inside the showroom are very attentive and respectful. He even greeted us in our Filipino language which gives him plus points. The way he explained the types of massage, attack, and even the smoothness of operation variation was very fluid and straight.


This pro model massage chair powerful than my old OGW massage chair i bought about $4500+

My best investment.

Hands down, the best purchase I’ve ever made. After a tiring day at work, I can relax and take a quick nap while getting massaged on my Empire Pro at the comfort of my own home. Good quality with various functions to meet my needs.

My partner after work: (EMPIRE) my body desire.

When racked with pain, Empire is my desire. Just love it!

Money well spent.

After testing numerous brand and models of massage chair in the market, I found that the Empire Pro massage chair is the one that is well worth the money spent. Giving my family the quality of a high end massage chair but spending fraction of the price. Thumbs up 👍

A Valuable Addition To My Home

The EMPIRE Massage Chair is a worthy investment for those in search of a high-quality and affordable massage chair. Its attractive pricing, sleek design, and advanced features make it a standout choice in the market. Whether you're looking to relax after a long day or alleviate muscle tension, this chair delivers an indulgent and customizable massage experience.

EMPIRE PRO Massage Chair
Fatimawati Kaspon
Not Just a Normal Massage Chair but a Pro

I was very enthuastic when my husband decided to get us this Empire Pro. Yes like most of the reviews, this massage chair can really do wonders. Not only that, my husband easily fall asleep and forgot that the chair is not his bed😂
This is a real massage chair that I feel many working family members should
have esp when there is homemakers at home. It is cost savings.

Ultimate relaxation and Bliss

My hubby and family members recently splurged on our newly acquired Empire Pro massage chair. It has quickly become the highlight of our relaxation routine. From its elegant design to its innovative features, this chair truly delivers a luxurious and soothing experience. Overall very satisfactory and proud to own this Empire Pro.

Versatile massage chair for the family, young to old

A very happy investment! Great form of relaxation especially a long and stressful day of work. Great for the family too. The kids love it loads. My girl is thee first user and had since been using it almost every single day. The pre-massage scan allows good positioning of the massager rollers for their different body size, so it works well for all.

Really a value for money investment at an affordable price. Pocket don't have to burn a enormous hole while own a smart massage chair. Never regret the purchase!

Best of the Best!

Very good massage ! Improves my body reflexes!

Spending to save more

Never a regret buying the massage chair. My wife and I have been using it every other day for quick reliefs and fixes and it certainly saves us the trips going to a massage shop where you may not get the masseuse you want. With the ease of switching between the functions, it loosens the nodes and fully brings my body to a relaxed state, making me drowsy without fail. For those who are still on the hunt for a practical and affordable set of massage chair, this is definitely the one for you.

Best massage chair

Try out at Hillion roadshow. One of the best and affordable massage chair that i’ve tried. Whole family love it. Thanks!!!!

Empire Pro Massage Chair

Satisfied and inexpensive.
Comfortable and relaxing, I uses it daily, sometimes twice a day. Highly recommended, Empire well done and keep it 👏

Your One and only EMPIRE massager chair!

I bought it for my father day gift! Super duper comfortable and shiok! Whole family enjoying empire pro massage chair!s strongly recommend! So relaxing till I fall asleep on the chair! 😴👍


Best Massage Chair I have tried before that can fit plus size people like me and kids loves it too and asking for massage everyday

My perfect retreat

Couldn't ask for a better relaxation after coming home from work each day. Perfect solution to keep the body refresh and recharged each day. Thank you Empire!

No regrets! and highly recommended! 👍🏼

Thanks to the Empire team for the Awesome Chair. I have to say, I am impressed about the functions and the aesthetic outlook which gives a business class feel. What’s more, it’s only from $1999 and one can enjoy it for the years to come. No regrets! and highly recommended! 👍🏼